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Exhibition : Les escaliers de Québec

Origin of the project…

Mankind has a limited life expectancy. Most humans can only hope to celebrate one century in their life. Five years ago, we reached the fourth centenary of the city of Champlain, Quebec City.

This historic moment was exhilarating. We wanted to commemorate this event with a creative work. A book on one of the original features of Quebec City: the stairs linking the upper and lower town. A book embellished by ink illustrations and short texts prepared with the greatest possible concern for artistic arrangement.

Once this work was completed, an essential undertaking remained to be done: binding the loose pages of the book to make it a complete and authentic work of art. Our local venture became international when we asked artists from various countries to transform our virtual project into a finished work.

This was accomplished by more than thirty professional bookbinders.


Our thanks go first to the authorities of the Chrystine-Brouillet Library for the warm welcome they offered to a bookbinding project of international scope. The interest of Mrs. Nathalie Hébert and Mrs. Nicole de Repentigny was maintained throughout the project.

Thank you to the board of Directors of Les Amis de la reliure d'art (ARA Canada), who supported the project and collaborated in its making, through its president, Jonathan Tremblay. Thank you to all the bookbinders from France, Italy, Japan, United States, English Canada and Quebec, who eagerly agreed to participate in this exhibition. This resulted in the highly original and rich features of the designs and materials of each work of art. Thank you to the author of the accompanying texts, Luc Bureau.

And thank you to all who, in more indirect ways perhaps, made the completion of this splendid exhibition possible.

Ghislaine Bureau
Organizer of the Exhibition

Les escaliers de Québec
texts and drawings.

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Bookbinders List by Alphabetical Order

Adelman, Cathy
Barber, Sherry
Bertolotti, Fabrizio
Buffett, Gale
Bureau, Ghislaine
Chalifoux, Nicole
Charpentier, Sophie
Chevalet, Maryanninck
Choquet, Lorraine
Côté, Cécile
Cyr, Guillaume
Des Lierres, Jean
Dessurault, Josée
Drapeau, Odette
Dubois, Lise
Francoeur, Hélène
Frégé, Sylvie
Gaucher, Lisette
Gosselin, Monique
Ingalls, C. Lang
Lallier, Monique
Lemaître, Nathalie
Mauger, Louise
Nomura, Yuri
Poitras, Isabelle
Rieu, Daniel
Richard, Sylvie
Skinner, Dawn
Taral, Alain
Tillier, Josiane
Tremblay, Jonathan