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Extrait d'une photo de Louise Genest du photographe Ormsby Ford

Promoting Art Bookbinding

In June of 1995, Les Amis de la Reliure d'Art du Canada was founded. It is an official chapter of an international association devoted to promoting art bookbinding on the national and international stage.

Created in July 12th, 1982, in Toulouse (France) by Marcel Garrigou, the international association Les Amis de la Reliure d'Art - and its different chapters- has taken on the mandate of promoting all forms of bookbinding: ancient, modern and contemporary. Its main objectives are to make known the art of bookbinding to the public at large; to encourage and help bookbinding professionals and, mostly, to stimulate the development of this activity; to organize, within a permanent structure, a common meeting group for booklovers and artists.

Its principal means of action are the organization of exhibition; the setting up of symposiums, debates, lectures or any other presentation likely to attract media attention; the establishment of contacts or links with other societies and associations having similar objectives and  more particularly bibliophilism societies, as well as other interested professional organizations.